Companies across the globe spend billions of dollars each year on different marketing activities to create and nurture a brand, yet 97% of the marketing is ineffective.

Why is that? Simply because we choose wrong advices or choose the wrong communique. The days of all things to all people are officially over. To create a niche brand: one must differentiate themselves from the rest.
Key strategic points to create a niche brand and ensure recall.

    The branding process
    Identifying the target audience
    The set-up
    The challenges
    The brand strategy
    The look and feel of the brand
    Marketing Material
    Market Penetration


Brand Vision

A clear articulation of strategic, financial and brand goals that management has crafted for the brand.


Brand Positioning


Creating a place in the consumers’ minds that you want your brand to own – the benefits you want them to think of when you think of your brand. A well-crafted brand postioning has three primary components:Definition of the target market you wish to pursue.

A Definition of the business your company is in or the industry or category it competes in.

A statement of your point of difference and key benefits.

Tools to reach out to the target audience:-

  • Ground Events
  • Road Shows
  • Live Events/ Shows etc.


Digital Route

Internet is the first point of reference today, we will take the digital route to promote the brand. Customer reviews, best connectivity etc. shall become key drivers for publicity.



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