Free Health Checkup Camp

abode1st Group of Companies and Ch. Sher Singh Memorial Shanti Devi Charitable Trust conducted a successful event in which free health check-ups were done. This included eye, skin, dental, gynecological and general check-up counters.

The event was well received with a massive turn-out and enthusiastic participations from everybody.

Our chief guests; Civil Surgeon, Gurgaon, Dr. B.K. Rajora and District Health Officer Dr. Pawan Kumar applauded the effort put forth by abode1st Group of Companies and Ch. Sher Singh Memorial Shanti Devi Charitable Trust.

  Run for Security

The main objective of the run was to pay a tribute and respect to the Warriors on the Borders. The ultimate aim of the event was to create awareness about the martyrs & support their families.

At first, had evening run followed by an Entertainment Section post the event which included acts by top musicians.

There were all kinds of participants – Kids, School & College Students, Adults and Senior Citizens.

The underlying objective was still – to create a healthy and fit nation by making sure there were more and more people coming to take part in this run. Running is always regarded as the first giant step towards leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Guinness World Record Awards for Human Creative Skills

Seventy-nine Indians from Oman recently created history by entering into the Guinness World Records for the Longest Crocheted Scarf in the southern Indian city of Chennai.

The 79 members which included 52 women and 27 children were part of a 763-member team of the Mother India’s Crochet Queens (MICQ) Public Charitable Trust.

The Guinness World Record had set a benchmark for 1km long scarf but the Trust had challenged for 5km. The Guinness adjudicator Rishi Nath announced that the team had made 14.09km World’s Longest Crocheted Scarf. The colourful scarves were laid down on the grounds of MNM Jain Engineering college in Chennai.

MICQ believes in catching children young and make them learn creative skills which are useful to them in future. It believes that children should be brought out of the gadget addiction to pass their free time.