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Systematic Investment Plan (SIPs)

Systematic Investment Plan (SIPs)

The concept of SIP focuses around the philosophy of “Save First, Spend Next”. With SIP, you can invest small amounts at fixed intervals (weekly, monthly or quarterly) instead of doing a one-time investment. Investing in SIP enables an investor to take part in the stock markets without actively timing them and he/she can benefit by buying more units when the price falls and less units when the price rises. This scheme helps reduce the average cost per unit of investment through a method called Rupee Cost Averaging.

The power of compounding enables you to earn income on income

Monthly investment of Rs 2500


Allows the investors to invest small amount of money each month without any hassles.

Long-Term Gains

Investing constant amount periodically entails to maximum gains in the long term.

Disciplined Approach

SIPs avoid the risk of timing the markets and facilitate wealth creation in a disciplined manner. Small savings create a big corpus for the future.

Power of Compounding

An investor starting out early can earn much higher returns than one starting out late even with a slightly higher corpus due to the power of compounding.

Fight Inflation

Hedge your investments against inflation by investing in SIP.

Rupee-Cost Averaging

SIP allows investors to invest the same amount each month irrespective of the market cycle, be it a bull phase or a bear phase.